Open Source

Drinks Wallet

The Drinks Wallet project is an open source RFID-based payment system. If you want to learn more about the project, check out the post I wrote about it. Or, if you’re the adventurous type, jump right in and check the code out on GitHub!

Drinks Wallet on GitHub


LearnAngular is a free, interactive AngularJS tutorial. Code along with each lesson, and view the results right in your browser.


LearnAngular on GitHub

Spoon/Spoon Standalone

Spoon is a C# library which provides SEO for Single Page ASP.NET Applications. It generates snapshots of each dynamic page in your site, and serves them up to search engines in accordance with Google’s escaped fragment protocol.

Spoon Standalone serves the same purpose as Spoon, but runs separate from your web application. It is mainly useful if your web app is hosted in an Azure Web Site, as such applications cannot spawn additional processes: a key requirement of using Spoon. Spoon Standalone is written in Node.js.

Spoon on GitHub

Spoon Standalone on GitHub


Strong.config is a T4 file that automatically generates a statically-typed façade in front of application configuration files. Strong.config has automatic type detection, as well as XML comment integration.

Strong.config on GitHub