Dead simple Ajax

Ajax boilerplate is a pain to write. If you’re already depending on a large JavaScript framework, chances are you don’t have to think about it. But if you’re not, it’s unfortunate to have to add a reference to jQuery or a similar library just for the Ajax.

So I’ve written a small library to fix this. It’s called dead-simple-ajax, and in just 95 lines of code it manages to do three things really well:

  1. Provide promise-enabled Ajax for CommonJS environments (Node JS/Browserify)
  2. Deserialize JSON responses (unless you tell it not to)
  3. Allow custom request modification via a callback (for adding headers, etc.)

dead-simple-ajax is not right for everybody, but if you want Ajax without the weight of a large do-it-all library, chances are it is right for you.

The API is documented on the project’s GitHub page (spoiler, there are only four methods), and you can get it by either installing the npm package (npm install -S dead-simple-ajax) or by simply copying the project’s index.js file straight into your project.

As with all my open source projects, I’m always happy to receive feedback. If you use the library and find a bug or have a suggestion, feel free to create an issue on the GitHub page.

Happy Ajaxing.