Introducing LearnAngular Beta

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of the beta version of LearnAngular (

The concept behind LearnAngular is simple. It’s a lot easier to learn when you can do at the same time. LearnAngular consists, at the moment, of nearly twenty lessons covering the fundamentals of AngularJS. Each lesson is accompanied by an interactive example that allows you to code along in an integrated IDE, right in your browser.

LearnAngular screenshot

At this point in time LearnAngular covers the following topics.

  • AngularJS basics
  • Service recipes
  • Filters
  • Data validation
  • Ajax calls

The target audience for LearnAngular is developers who are familiar with JavaScript, but who have little to no experience with AngularJS. Lessons are ordered such that those who are brand new to Angular should feel at ease when starting from the very beginning, but are designed such that developers who just want to brush up on a certain topic should have no problem jumping in partway through.

There is one more thing that is worth mentioning. The entire site is open source and licensed under the GPL-3. That means that you can examine the source, suggest improvements or even fork the entire codebase if you want. If you want to check out the code, the LearnAngular GitHub repository can be found here.

As mentioned up top, LearnAngular is currently in beta. By my definition of “beta”, this means the following.

  • The site is stable.
  • There is enough content on the site, I believe, for LearnAngular to be genuinely useful to those trying to learn AngularJS.
  • The user experience is half-decent.

It also means the following, however.

  • The odd bug may crop up here and there that I am not aware of.
  • There are several subjects that I have not covered on the site at the time of writing. These include custom directives, i18n/l10n, and the $location API.
  • The user experience can probably be improved.

So, what does this mean for you? This means that if you have an idea, suggestion, feature request, bug to report, whatever, then please let me know via the GitHub issue tracker page.

Happy learning!