WordPress to GitHub Pages with minimal headache

About a month and a half ago I migrated this blog from an Azure-hosted WordPress setup to GitHub Pages, which runs on Jekyll. While I wouldn’t describe the migration process as painful, I wish I would have had a guide such as this one when I began the transition as it would have certainly saved me a few headaches along the way. Hopefully this will be able to help someone in the same place that I was!

[C#] Async processes with TaskCompletionSource

If you’ve ever tried to launch a new process in C#, you’ll probably have noticed that the Process object lacks an asynchronous API. Luckily though, there is an easy way to write an asynchronous wrapper for a process such that you can launch it and await its termination.

SEO for single page apps without additional processes - Spoon Standalone

A month and a half ago I released Spoon; a class library which automates search engine optimisation of single page web applications. Spoon works by using PhantomJS to take snapshots of dynamically-generated web pages and then serves these snapshots to web crawlers when they request to see the dynamic content. Spoon is automatic, self-contained, easy to set up and it works really well. However, it requires that your application have the right to launch a new process…

[AngularJS/Ace] A single page IDE in the browser

Every once in a while you come across a technology that makes you stop and think about just how far web development has come in the past few years. For me, the Ace project was one of those technologies. If you’re not familiar with it, Ace is a “high performance code editor for the web”. It allows you to create sites that let the user write code directly in their browser. LearnAngular makes extensive use of Ace.