Introducing LearnAngular Beta

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of the beta version of LearnAngular (

A Humble Design Request

Today I made my first suggestion on Visual Studio User Voice. My request is simple. I would like the Visual Studio design team to change the Browser Link icon from a clockwise arrow to something else, such as a bidirectional horizontal arrow. Here’s why.

Heartbleed - List of vulnerable sites in the Alexa 10000

Let’s be clear from the start. I’m not going to provide yet another explanation of what Heartbleed is. If you live in a cave and haven’t heard about it yet then check out these links for an explanation.

[Node.js] The build tools for Visual Studio XXXX cannot be found

I got this error when trying to install a node.js package that wanted to build some associated .cc files with the Visual Studio 2010 compiler (v100 build tools). I haven’t had Visual Studio 2010 installed on my machine since Visual Studio 2012 came out, and really didn’t want to reinstall it.